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Engineering Company

Our Engineering Company operates globally. Using the technologies and expertise we have accumulated over many years, the company designs, manufactures and sells bottle-making, inspection and other related equipment, both in Japan and overseas. Our wealth of experience in the industry enables us to propose total systems combining bottle-making, inspection, packaging and conveyance.

Established 1960
Reason for Establishment To domesticize the bottle-making equipment business.
To pursue greater operability and functionality through bottle-making technology.

Major Strengths

Our Engineering Company proposes optimal and reliable solutions for a wide variety of needs, offering speedy development and planning tailored to the information and demands we receive from container-manufacturing corporations (including Group companies). Because we are not only a manufacturer but also a user, we are able to bring one-of-a-kind insight to the equipment we create.


  • 36% share of Japanese market for bottle-making equipment.
  • Over 130 bulking*¹/debulking*² machines sold.
  • Development, planning and sale of a variety of supplementary production-related equipment.
  • *1Bulking machine: Equipment attached to container manufacturing line, for bulk packaging.
  • *2Debulking machine: Equipment attached to filling line, for feeding bulk packaged containers into line.

Uncaser robot

Uncaser robot

Debulking machine

Debulking machine

Environmental Initiatives

Our Engineering Company reduces waste when installing bottle-making equipment by reconditioning existing machines. The company has also collaborated with outside companies to develop resin-recycling equipment and water-saving water treatment, bottle washing and drying equipment. Additionally, the company designs, manufactures and sells equipment to increase the conveyance efficiency (and thus reduce CO2 emissions) of bulking, debulking and other machinery.
The company has acquired environmental management system (EMS) certifications, and strives to reduce environmental impacts.


Utilizing our experience in glass bottle manufacturing and technology, our Engineering Company will undertake comprehensive glass manufacturing facility projects covering everything from planning and layout to construction and startup. Projects will cover the full range of equipment, including exhaust treatment. The company will also focus on developing new equipment from a user's perspective.