For safe equipment and optimal systems

As the only manufacturer of glass bottle forming machines in Japan, we provide beverage/food manufacturers and customers in many other fields with equipment and systems based on our technologies and expertise accumulated in the production of glass bottles.
We propose systems that can be safely handled leveraging our detailed knowledge on the stable conveyance of containers and the handling of delicate containers.


01 Only manufacturer of glass bottle forming machines (IS machines) in Japan

We have a market share of IS machines as large as 36% in Japan and produce IS machines that match the needs of Japanese glass bottle manufacturers.
We also provide a periodic overhaul service, which contributes to cost reduction pertaining to system renewal.

02 Expertise accumulated through glass bottle production

We have accumulated expertise through the high-mix production of more than 1,000 types of glass bottles, which enables the production of diverse systems for beverage/food packaging.
We propose filling and packaging equipment for conveyance that prevent damage to containers and for handling complex-shaped containers.

03 Proposals for optimal systems and layouts

We contribute to the improvement of productivity by proposing systems and layouts that match the production methods and operations of customers.
As a specialist in engineering, we identify problems that customers do not recognize and present solutions.

04 A reliable specialist manufacturer

We resolve major and minor concerns of customers regardless of industries.
We value the establishment of co-prosperity relationships based on mutual cooperation among customers, suppliers, and our company.


Bulk depalletizers / palletizers

We have produced more than 130 depalletizers/palletizers.
We promise stable operation regardless of the types of containers, such as glass bottles, resin bottles, and cans.

Bottle cleaner

The compact inverting bottle cleaning system removes foreign matter in the container by blowing air. The system can be used for various bottles by adjusting the handle.


Top-chain conveyors; We handle from the production of conveyors to the control of conveyor lines. We can also meet requests for 3D conveyance and space reduction.

Filling systems

We propose systems that match the production capacity and purpose of customers (rinsing, filling, capping, pasteurization, etc.).

Glass bottle forming machines (IS machines)

We can propose systems both for new machine and for reconditioning. We also sell parts and mechanisms of the systems.

MSR[ For blow mold ]

Stable product quality is maintained by robotic automated swabbing. The swabbing robot for the blow mold is the only product of the kind in the world.

Glass bottle Inspection systems and devices

Comprehensive inspection systems and devices that leverage our technologies and expertise as a glass bottle manufacturer.