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New Glass Company

Building on the sophisticated technologies we have amassed in the glass bottles industry, our New Glass Company combines R&D, production and sales departments to create the next-generation glass and inorganic materials that shape our futures. The company develops new material compositions, improved material compositions and new applications to meet a variety of needs in cutting-edge fields such as telecommunications, the environment, energy, electronics, automobiles and lighting.

Established 1987
Reason for Establishment To focus on and commercialize the possibilities of glass in fields other than glass bottles, at an early stage.

Major Strengths

Our New Glass Business uses the technologies and expertise we have amassed as a glass bottle manufacturer over many years to contribute to cutting edge technological industries. We meet the needs of these emerging fields through material composition development, material composition improvements and new applications.

Major Developments

  • Low-temperature firing multilayer substrates/LED packages
  • Aluminum substrate glazing/FAX machines, printers
  • Protective coatings for insulated substrates/SUS heaters
  • Sealing glass/Automotive sensors, SOFC, vacuum flasks
  • Sintering aid glass/MLCC, whetstones
  • Conductive additive glass/Solar batteries, MLCC
  • Inorganic coating materials/LED
  • PDMS hybrid materials/LED, power modules, adhesives, heat dissipation sheets


Environmental Initiatives

Our New Glass Company works to reduce industrial waste, and conserve energy. It also develops lead-free glass materials, glass for environmentally friendly products such as solar batteries and LEDs, and next-generation inorganic materials.


Our New Glass Company will continue to improve on technology and contribute to society through research and development of glass and next-generation inorganic materials for environmentally friendly growth fields such as solar batteries, LED, optical communications components and automotive parts.

The ever-expanding fields of our New Glass Company

The ever-expanding fields of our New Glass Company