Promoting human living and supporting the future through material development

The new glass business was launched to pursue the new possibilities of glass other than containers by utilizing its functionality.
Since its launch in July 1987, we have made challenges and took leaps repeatedly in the various fields of material development and production engineering development.
Promoting human living and supporting the future with our passion —
all our divisions collaborate to supply advanced materials that support the future.


01 Development power that caters to customer needs

Our products are used in broad fields, with a wide variety of customer needs.
At New Glass Company, we develop infrastructural technologies that support future society while catering to customer needs through material development and sincerely responding to their requests and leveraging our knowledge and experience accumulated over many years.

02 Technological power that achieves expedited commercialization

To achieve the various glass performances including sintering, sealing, adhesion, and heat resistance in the production lines of customers, we have proprietary technologies and expertise accumulated through the commercialization of products for various purposes.
In response to inquiries from customers, all divisions collaborate to make prompt and accurate proposals presenting the optimal products/technologies.

03 Proposal-making power based on collaboration in the group

In addition to glass as the key product of New Glass Company, we are also developing new parts and materials and upgrading production engineering through collaboration with Yamamura Photonis Co., Ltd.
We provide efficient and appropriate solutions to customer problems by collecting the knowledge of engineers through collaboration in the group.


Sintering additive /
general glass

Sintering aids made of ceramics or metal powder (Ag, Al, Cu, etc.);
We propose materials that meet your purpose, in accordance with substrate properties and burning temperature.

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Glaze /
overcoat glass

Used for HICs, tip resistances, and thermal heads.
Both powder and paste are available.

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High heat resistance crystalized glass

Crystallized glass materials that acquire high heat resistance through crystallization by burning at a specified temperature. Materials for aluminum substrates, SUS, and other metal substrates are available.

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LTCC materials

We are developing LTCC materials with low dielectric loss to be used in high frequency bands, such as 5G communication. Other materials can be selected in accordance with the required properties (dielectric properties, strengths, and thermal expansion coefficients).
Yamamura Photonics provides green sheets, burning substrates, and other products.

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Special glass melting technology

We can handle glass melting in various component systems in accordance with customer needs.

Special glass melting technology

High-precision milling technology

We provide glass powders in accordance with customer requests.

High-precision milling technology

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