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Affiliated Companies in Japan

Consolidated Subsidiaries

Yamamura Warehouse Co., Ltd.

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Our five core competencies in logistics, security and property administration services, business support, staff dispatch, and store operations have grown from our experience and know-how in integrated logistics and a variety of other fields.
We comprehensively meet customer needs with accuracy, precision and readiness.

Company Features and Characteristics

The know-how we have cultivated through our experience in various industries organically ties in to our hybrid services to comprehensively meet customer needs. We believe that the people who handle products and provide service are the keystone to our goal of becoming a company worthy of distinction as the best partner for our customers. Accordingly, we have developed our own guidelines for conduct that are put into daily practice by each of our employees.

Environmental Activities

The company is contributing to reduce CO2 emissions through proactive measures such as using battery-powered forklifts (which have 70% less emissions than regular forklifts), natural gas forklifts, and biodiesel vehicles delivery services. CO2 reductions have also been realized through an operations management system implemented for sales vehicles.

Future Plans

Following the company philosophy, we will create an environment in which employees are happy and able to enjoy work. Placing compliance as a basis in management, we strive to become a trusted partner for customers by sharing their goals and responding to them.

Year of Foundation 1967
Main businesses Transport, storage and yard operation.
Address 15-1, Nishimukojima-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo 660-0857
Contact Tel: +81-6-4300-6400 / Fax: +81-6-4300-6410

Seisho Co., Ltd.

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As a member of the Yamamura Group, which aims for harmony and coexistence with society through its mindset and technologies, Yamamura Warehouse is a total packaging solution company that provides a high level of service to meet our customers’ various needs.

Company Features and Characteristics

Leveraging the functions of our network as a trading company, we provide quality service to our customers as a comprehensive supplier of container and packaging materials and related devices. Our core business is based on sales of glass bottles, PET bottles, plastic closures, metal closures and packaging equipment. We handle vacuum-sealed products, pouches and bags-in-box, and manufacture and sell our own Cellarmate brand of household storage containers.

Environmental Activities

We are working to reduce environmental impact through ideas and sales and dissemination activities based on the three Rs for glass bottles (returnable, reuse, recycle).

Future Plans

Building on the relationship of trust established with our customers over many years, we shall continue to search out and address issues to refine future responses, build new businesses and take on new challenges.

Year of Foundation 1962
Main businesses Procurement and sale of glass bottles and daily articles.
Address 6F, Kowa Shibakoen Building, 1-1-11, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
Contact Tel: +81-3-5401-1741 / Fax: +81-3-5401-1699

Yamamura Photonics Co., Ltd.

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Building on our glass processing and glass-to-metal seal technologies fostered over many years of business, we will continue to provide composite manufactured products and develop our business in the areas of glass, optoelectronics and glass ceramics.

Company Features and Characteristics

We work in close collaboration with customers from design to production, carefully consulting on details to ensure customer satisfaction.

As a high level of manual skill in various fields is indispensable for special processing, we train our young technicians and work diligently to maintain and improve quality for product assurance.

Environmental Activities

All Yamamura Photonics factories are ISO14001 certified. For the environment, we are committed to reducing amounts of waste generated and chemical substances used, to implementing energy and resource conservation, and to providing eco-friendly products. We have also instituted strict voluntary environmental management standards with this same aim.

Future Plans

Our name is a reflection of our desire to develop and produce unique electronic components that fuse light and electronics, and we will use our development and technical capabilities to give birth to new products that can meet future needs.

Year of Foundation 1949
Main businesses Manufacture and sale of glass components for electrical and electronic devices, and LTCC substrate materials.
Address 4207, Ikonobe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 224-0053
Contact Tel: +81-45-930-1811 / Fax: +81-45-930-1814

Yamamura Glass Works Co., Ltd.

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Understanding that true competitiveness lies in the ability to handle a diverse variety of products and small-quantity production jobs, Yamamura Glass Works uses its rich and expressive technologies to supply high-quality glass bottles, meeting the most stringent of customer demands. The company strives to be the first and only solution in the industry by consistently maximizing the value of its customers' products.

Company Features and Characteristics

Yamamura Glass Works utilizes original production, mold and die technologies to create unique, carefully designed bottles in a rich variation of colors and sizes. The company supplies everything from alcoholic beverage bottles to cosmetics containers, and can produce a wide variety of colors from a single mold. From simple and classic to original and complex, the company contributes to the Yamamura Group through an industry-unique ability to offer high-quality small-batch production.

Environmental Activities

The company is working to raise awareness of glass bottle recycling through environmental education activities such as lessons on the environment for elementary school students, such as lessons on the life cycle of glass bottles given at elementary schools in partnership with NPOs and administrative authorities.

Future Plans

Drawing on its identity as a company that is fastidious about color, size, and shape and that has the capacity to handle high-mix, low-volume production, we will strive to give shape to customer requirements in the way that only Yamamura Glass Works can.

Year of Foundation 1983
Main businesses Manufacture and sale of glass bottles.
Address 2-1-18, Naruohama, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663-8142
Contact Tel: +81-798-43-1301 / Fax: +81-798-43-1309

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Non-Consolidated Subsidiaries

Nissho Seiki Co., Ltd.

Main businesses Manufacture and sale of molds and dies.
Address 4-1-5, Fukaminishi, Yamato, Kanagawa, 242-0018
Contact Tel: +81-46-261-9656 / Fax: +81-46-263-1036

YTF Co., Ltd.

Main businesses Manufacture and sale of functional filler.
Address 111,Nishimukojima-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 660-0857
Contact Tel: +81-6-6411-3160 / Fax: +81-6-6411-3163