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Our Plastics Company had been discovering new possibilities for plastic containers for over half a century, since its founding in 1960. The company pursues cutting-edge product and technological development, including development of a variety of proprietary PET bottle closures. Our integrated production lines allow us to flexibly and reliably meet a diverse range of market needs.

Established 1960
Reason for Establishment To pursue new possibilities in the containers industry, in anticipation of changes in the containers business environment.
Results Approximately 3.1 billion plastic beverage closures sold (fiscal 2014).

Major Strengths

Our plastics company supplies approximately 300 different varieties of closures per year. The stable quality and supply made possible by our integrated high-speed production lines have earned us the unparalleled trust of our customers. We proactively engage in technological development and reliably meet market needs through a range of PET bottle closures and other products. Our proprietary TEN Cap has been licensed to four companies in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia, and we have also established fully-owned production and sales subsidiaries in China and Indonesia.

TEN Cap Garners Worldwide Trust

The TEN Cap is a plastic PET bottle closure with built-in tamper evident technology. The cap features a proprietarily developed band and gasket structure. When opening, the mechanical band is broken before the seal (which lets in air). Customers can use the band to check the seal before purchase, greatly reducing the possibility of in-store tampering. The gasket, which comes into direct contact with the liquid inside, is made from polyethylene, contains no colorants, slipping agents or other additives, and does not affect odor or flavor. The cap is also highly suitable for recycling.

  • *TEN is an acronym for Tamper Evidence with New Concept.

Environmental Initiatives

In order to help establish a recycling-oriented society, our Plastic Company promotes 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)-conscious manufacturing. In 2013 we reduced the weight of closures for aseptic filling by approximately 20%, from 3.1 g to 2.5 g. In 2014 we also introduced our short-height 1881 Aseptic Cap to the market. The shorter height reduces closure weight by approximately 16%.

Comparison of previous Aseptic Cap (left) and 1881 Aseptic Cap (right)

Comparison of previous Aseptic Cap (left) and 1881 Aseptic Cap (right)


Our Plastics Company will continue to solidify its place in the closure manufacturing industry by developing new, higher performance products. We will also pursue active expansion into Asia, using the technologies and expertise we have amassed over many decades in beverage closure manufacturing and sales.
In addition to the beverage closure industry, we will also use our technologies and expertise to actively explore new business fields.