Technologies accumulated over 100 years leading to the future of glass and society

Nihon Yamamura Glass has developed with glass bottle technologies as its primary engine.
Driven by the technologies upgraded through experience of over 100 years, we pursue further technological development by expanding into fields other than glass. By taking on challenges in new fields, we will contribute to the improvement of our lives and society.

Maintaining Top Market Share in Japan Supported by Technology

top share

For glass bottles, we have continuously maintained the top market share in Japan at 40%.
This has been achieved through our stable quality and supply supported by our reliable technology.
Leveraging this technological development power accumulated through our experience in glass bottles, we sensitively detect rapidly changing needs and have expanded into broad fields that include plastics and communication devices.
Our day-to-day challenges lead to our cutting-edge technologies.

Providing Japan Quality at Global Standards

japan quality

We also operate group companies overseas, mainly in China, Thailand, and other Asian countries.
These companies develop and manufacture glass and plastic products that satisfy global standards, while maintaining Japan quality under the management of Nihon Yamamura Glass.
We continuously upgrade our technological power while considering further global expansion by promoting advanced environmental considerations and other measures.

Possibilities of Technology Creating New Value


The Research and Development Center was established to pursue broader possibilities leveraging technologies accumulated through experience in glass bottles that needed high performance. The Center promotes technological development featuring the environment and sustainability.
Recently, a plants factory using high-performance LED lighting was completed where vegetables featuring safety are marketed.