Message from
the President

With our inherited technologies for humans and the environment, our group continuously strives to achieve a sustainable future.

Since the era of rapid economic growth in Japan, when consumption was considered a virtue, our company has recognized the environmental properties of glass bottles and valued the spirit of contributing to the achievement of a recycling-oriented society.
Recently, global momentum has been rising toward a recycling-oriented society in response to the deteriorating marine environment from pollution and other environmental issues. Our group will return to its origin to make the maximum contribution to our stakeholders who need our products and services.

To contribute to more comfortable lives and the future of the global environment, we have set "a company that continues to be essential for the next 100 years" as the group management vision. Placing a focus on our hopes for humans and the environment inherited over our long history, we will continue to strive for a sustainable future through concerted efforts, so that we will be continuously needed by society. We sincerely ask for your continued understanding and support.

President & CEO
Koji Yamamura