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Medium-Term Business Plan

Medium-Term Business Plan (term ended March 2015 – term ending March 2017)


Towards a Global YAMAMURA: Conveying Yamamura’s Heart and Technology to the World

On April 5, 2014, our Company reached the 100th anniversary of our founding. As we pass the 100-year milestone, this vision declares that we will establish a YAMAMURA brand that can stand proudly in Asia and around the world, in order to maintain sustainable growth in the next 100 years.

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Management Policy

(1) Reconstruction and internationalization of our packaging business

While accomplishing the business structure reforms that are currently underway and reconstructing our domestic business, we will establish a management platform for our overseas business, including Yamamura Glass Quihuangdao Co., Ltd. in China that we made a subsidiary in 2013, and will aim for further expansion.

(2) Diversification of our new glass business

We will further develop the technology held by our New Glass Company and our subsidiary Yamamura Photonics, and will expand our business domain.

(3) Promotion of new businesses and R&D

In addition to the plant factory that we have decided to commercialize, we are conducting research and development to nurture new pillars of business.

(4) Instillation of Group strategy

We will strengthen cooperation within the Group, and will overcome existing harsh conditions and forge ahead to achieve our Medium-Term Business Plan.

(5) Strengthening of Group corporate functions

In order to achieve sustainable growth, we will control the allocation of management resources, centered on relevant departments within our headquarters.

(6) Establishment of a human resources platform

We will make efforts to develop global human resources and construct personnel systems suited to the next generation.