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Glass Bottle Company

Our Glass Bottle Company boasts the industry's leading market share, with a bottle lineup of over 1,000 varieties. The strengths we have built in technological development since our establishment allow us to reliably and swiftly meet an extensive range of needs with highly flexible production systems. Environmental friendliness remains a chief concern during product development.

Establishment 1914
Reason for Establishment To sublimate silica sand sales to bottle manufacturing, and shift business from raw materials productions to glass bottle manufacturing and sales.
Results Over 1,000 varieties of glass bottles.
Approximately 40% share of Japanese market (top domestic share).

Major Strengths

Our Glass Bottle Company has established a variety of sophisticated quality assurance technologies, including production information systems for overseeing total production lines, glass mass control technologies, automatic mold temperature control technologies, parting agent (oil coat)-free technologies, composite strength inspection devices, and fully automated dimension and volume measuring devices. With three plants nationwide, we offer optimal production systems to meet customer demands ranging from small- to large-scale manufacturing. We meet customer needs swiftly, reliably and at reasonable prices. All plants have acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Exhaustive quality and hygiene management Is in place from production through to distribution.

Environmental Initiatives

Our Glass Bottle Company engages in environmental management system (EMS) initiatives. We promote use of recovered raw materials (cullet) and cleaner energy sources (LNG gas). We also strive to strengthen the environmental friendliness of our production facilities.
We engage in proactive development of environmentally conscious products, such as our Ecology (over 90% cullet) and Ultra Lightweight bottle series.

Ultralight Bottles (Reduce)

Combining technologies, for amazingly lightweight bottles

We proactively strive to create lighter weight bottles. Lighter weight bottles help conserve resources during production, conserve energy during production and transport, and reduce CO2 emissions. Ultra lightweight bottles refer to bottles scoring 0.7 or less on the Japan Glass Bottle Association's lightweight index. In addition to bottles for general use, we also develop unique ultra lightweight bottles for specific customer products.

“R” Mark Bottles (Reuse)

As a reusable container, glass bottles offer unique advantages

Returnable bottles are containers specifically designed for reuse. Returnable “R” Mark bottles meet specifications established by the Japan Glass Bottle Associations, and help to conserve natural resources. They can be found in use in a variety of industries and organizations.

Ecology Bottles (Recycle)

Environmentally friendly bottles containing 90% or more cullet

In 1991 we developed the industry's first 100% mixed colored cullet Ecology Bottle. Reusing mixed colored cullet had previously proven difficult. The bottle garnered high praise as an excellent form of packaging for the new recycling age, receiving a World Star Award in 1992. Currently, the Japan Glass Bottle Association defines Ecology Bottles as products made from 90% or more cullet, and is carrying out PR campaigns to popularize their use. Ecology Bottles offer the same level of strength and quality as ordinary glass bottles.


Our Glass Bottle Company will continue to expand actively overseas through technological support for glass bottle companies in China and other Asian countries.
Adding value to our products will also help spur demand for glass bottles, and is an important theme during product development. At Nihon Yamamura Glass we are working to introduce more sophisticated glass ornamenting technologies, such as prelabelling and printing systems.

Heat and Pressure Sensitive Pre-Tack Labels

A high level of quality suited to glass bottles
Japan’s largest 4-point stick pre-tack labels

Heat-sensitive pre-tack labels make use of the transparency of glass bottles to ensure that products appear vibrant and clear. Transparent film allows for the same sense of impact as directly printed glass, but at a lower cost. Pre-tack labels also offer excellent hot and cold water resistance, eliminating worries of labels peeling off unexpectedly.

Our pressure sensitive pre-tack labels are in wide use, even overseas, and offer excellent product impact. Placement of labels to match engravings (emblems)—previously difficult to achieve—and compatibility with up to 4 points of label sticking is also available. The labels add substance to products for a more eye-catching store presence, and are perfect for added value items such as low-alcohol beverages. Both heat-sensitive and pressure-sensitive labels are available for delivery pre-affixed to bottles.

Pre-Shrink Labels

Flexible enough for three-dimensional curved surfaces
Wide surface display area available for use

Pre-shrink labels allow for effective, high impact displays that utilize a wide surface area, including a bottle's three-dimensional curved surfaces. Pre-shrink labels allow for a variety of designs and product presentations, and can even offer improved shatter resistance. Shrink labels are also available pre-affixed.

ACL (Direct Printing)

Direct printing creates high-end style
Excellent for returnable bottles

Screen printing bottles adds a strong sense of authenticity and luxury to a product. In the past, ACL printing techniques were common for milk and other returnable beverage bottles. In recent years, however, ACL printing has also increased for alcoholic beverage and other one-way bottles.