Basic Principles

These basic principles underlie the Yamamura Group’s activities and approach to business, and are central to our corporate philosophy.

Business rests on Our People

The Yamamura Group respects human dignity and pursues a positive approach to management.

Quality is the Key to our Business

The Yamamura Group invests its heart into its products and services, contributing to more satisfying lifestyles and culture.

There is no Future without Innovation

The Yamamura Group pursues constant innovation and is passionate in its businesses.

Company Purpose

To create a more prosperous society and comfortable life through the power of people and technology

Corporate message

Heart & Technology

Our corporate message expresses the dynamic Yamamura Group spirit, as it relates to society at large:
1. The Heart of a Merchant — building trust among customers.
2. The Technology of a Craftsman — using skill and know-how to create products of true distinction.

Basic Policies for Corporate Activities

The Yamamura Group will comply fully with laws and regulations, maintain high standards of ethics, and ensure fair and transparent business practices. To this end, the Group has outlined the following basic policies for its corporate activities.

  • We will abide by laws and regulations, practice fair and free competition, maintain high standards of ethics, and ensure sound judgment in our corporate activities.
  • In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we will strive to accurately understand market and customer requirements, and provide products and services that are outstanding in terms of quality, safety and other aspects.
  • We will respect individuality, personality and diversity of employees; maintain and properly operate a good working environment and a fair personnel system with considerations for health and safety.
  • We will actively work to conserve the environment and contribute to a sustainable society.
  • We will stress transparency; proactively, appropriately and accurately disclose information; build relationships with stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, investors, business partners, and employees, based on mutual trust and cooperation; and aim to enhance corporate value.
  • As a good corporate citizen, we will contribute toward society and local communities.
  • We will maintain positive and honest relationships with governments and citizens, and will have no relationship with any antisocial interest or organization that poses a threat to the order and safety of society.
  • In our overseas operations, we will respect local cultures and customs and pursue business operations that contribute toward local development.
  • We will respect fundamental human rights and avoid discriminatory practices in our business activities. We will not permit forced or child labor, or support any violation of human rights.
  • In preparation for natural disasters and other incidents, we will be thorough in our organized crisis management.
  • Executive management will recognize their responsibility for fulfilling the spirit of these policies. Management will create a workable governance system and ensure that policies are well understood in the Group.
  • If any infraction of these policies that causes public confidence to be lost should occur, executive management will engage directly in resolving the issue, investigating causes and pursuing measures to prevent reoccurrence. Appropriate information will be released to the public in a swift and accurate manner. Once responsibility and jurisdiction has been determined, strict action will be taken against those involved (including executive management, if applicable).