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Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Name Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd.
Date Established April 5, 1914
Paid-in Capital 14 billion yen
  Tokyo Stock Exchange
(First Section)
Line of Business Production and sale of glass bottles and plastic closures. Production and sale of powdered glass and glass paste. Designing, manufacturing, sale and installation work of machines and plant facilities.
Number of Employees 804 (as of March 2016)
Fiscal Year Ends March 31st

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Board of Directors

(As of June 24, 2016)

Director and Auditor

President Koji Yamamura CEO and COO
Executive Managing Director Yoshinori Tanigami Director in Charge of Internal Controls
Advisor to Environmental Office, Corporate Headquarters, Research & Development Center, New Glass Company
Director Yuki Uetaka Executive Vice President and Director, San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation
Director Yoshio Inoue President and CEO of Tomoegawa Co., Ltd. (External Director)
Auditor Toyohiko Torii  
External Auditor Yoshie Saito Certified Public Accountant (External Director)
External Auditor Kousaka Keiko Lawyer (External Director)

Executive Officer

Executive Officer Yoshihiko mizuta Division Director of Corporate Headquarters
Executive Officer Yutaka Myojin President, Glass Bottle Company
Executive Officer Shinichi Kanda Division Director of Sales, Glass Bottle Company
Executive Officer Fumiyoshi Kobayashi President, Plastics Company
Executive Officer Mitsuo Ueda President,Yamamura WAREHOUSE CO., LTD.