A Cutting-Edge Center for Next-Generation Business Development

The Research and Development Center pursues the development of new technology without being bound by conventional technologies and represents a cutting-edge center to pursue the broader possibilities of Nihon Yamamura Glass.
The Center also pursues technological development from scratch by recruiting fresh human resources and promoting open innovations through industry-government-academia collaboration.
The Center aims to develop technologies into new businesses that solve social issues while featuring safety and security, the environment, and sustainability.


01 Thinking outside the box

We promote research and development with thinking outside the box beyond the borders of existing businesses, thereby aiming at new businesses.

02 Selecting development themes from the viewpoint of marketing

We formulate hypotheses based on exhaustive market research and marketing to select themes to be transferred to R&D.

03 Solution-oriented R&D that leads to a future society

Our R&D activities always highlight the resolution of various social issues and manufacturing that contributes to the establishment of a satisfying future society.

Background of Establishment

The Research and Development Center was established in 2007 with the aim of developing new technologies in fields that are completely different from our conventional businesses (such as Glass Bottle Company and Plastics Company) with a mission to develop new businesses to support our future.
The Center has pursued the resolution of social issues featuring safety and security, the environment, and sustainability.


  1. 2007

    • Established the Research and Development Center.

  2. 2012

    • Completed the Research and Development Center building with increased research facilities.

  3. 2014

    • Started the operation of a pilot plants factory on the premises of the Kansai Headquarters, and initiated practical business.

  4. 2021

    • Established Yamamura JR Freight kiravege station Co., Ltd, as a joint venture with Japan Freight Railway Company.

  5. 2023

    • Completed a plants factory of Yamamura JR Freight kiravege station Co., Ltd, in Oi-cho, Fukui Prefecture.


We have examined cultivation methods and devices from scratch aiming at a plants factory filed with our proprietary technologies.
At this factory, we have cultivated more than 380 leafy and fruit vegetables and have accumulated expertise concerning environmental control, including temperature/humidity and the use of lights and nutrients.
Particularly concerning light source, we have succeeded in the development of high-performance LED lighting suitable for cultivation at a plants factory in collaboration with a lighting manufacturer.
Supported by these accumulated technologies, we started marketing to major prepared food providers and major mail-order food stores in 2014.


In June 2018, we launched our private brand Kira kira vege and started sale at department stores and mass retailers in the Kansai region. Incorporating customer requests, we produce and market various vegetables, including kale.
We have installed internal analysis and measurement systems for viable cell counts and nutritional value, striving to upgrade our vegetable quality control structure.
In September 2019, our registration of highly nutritious vegetables was accepted in the foods with functional claims system of the Consumer Affairs Agency. Recently, we have received several awards for our contribution to the sales of customers, further enhancing the evaluation of our vegetables. We plan to examine expansion into new fields, such as the marketing of cultivation systems and technologies while continuously increasing our vegetable production capacity and expanding our business scale.